I will serve thee with Honor!

Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 17

Well this week we put one investigator on date and we got 2 investigators in church it was awesome because the branch loves them and they love the branch they just gotta get married is all and then the water, 2 of there daughters are baptized and they are well just awesome i love them haha


Monday, July 17, 2017

Quequen July 17, 17

went to the beach last pday it was dope and well this week was pretty cool we found a lady that wants to hear about the gospel and she knows nothing about god and shes really cool and than we found another guy and gave him the book of Mormon and he was excited to get it and we are already teaching his brothers so thats good but really its just been real cold and almost snowed yesterday it came down as hail but i was about to cry out of joy haha but yah thats the week for me

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Son 7/10/17

Well i got my son he is from corona California and his name is elder Moore he is pretty cool we get along good and we have had a few good lessons with each other and it was good, not a whole lot to say, we made a couch this week and we had 2 investigators in church so it was good, and well its super muddy here haha also yesterday we made a roast and it wasn't

to good haha but i was happy to eat something American haha

Monday, June 26, 2017

Baptism June 26, 17

Well this week we had the baptism for Ismael and it was sick he is such a good kid  and i have already seen the changes he has made through repentance its awesome, but yah these past few weeks have been slow in the trio and also yah i found out that ny comp did go home in the end so yah its rough being in a trio but its fun its just hard to balance both areas and the zone leaders have a ton of stuff to do because we had a lot of conferences these last few weeks we also had a conference with elder bragg from the quorum of the 70 and it was good he talked alot about faith and stuff like that but that really how my week was.photo of the baptism and of the bridge that connects Quequen to Necochea

Boludos June 12, 17

went to the beach with the boys

Crazy Stuff June 5, 17

So we put a kid on date for the 24th of June and he is super pumped and i am to and we told him to pray about Joseph smith and everything and when we can back he said he prayed and then that night he had a dream about me and my comp testifying to him that it was true so he took that as his answer and also he said that he kinda already knew it was true but it was super cool.
So the crazy stuff is my mission president called me with a request and said that my comp was leaving for bahia blanca but i think he went home is what i heard, so my pres said that i was getting a new elder that needed help and that he has some problems and he needed me to get him working because he has some psychical problems and he needed help so i said ok ill do it and then the zone leaders went to bahia to get him because they had a leader meeting and htey were gonna bring this elder them and so they left and i called them when they were on there way home and they said my new comp isnt coming anymore so i dont have a comp now so yah its all weird haha
here is a pic of my old comp

Monday, May 29, 2017

queqeun May 29, 17

Well im in my new area and with my new comp elder goeckeritz he is from SLC and a good guy, also my new area is straight ghetto haha just dirt streets and dogs everywhere and its a pretty poor area in some parts but i like it and there are lots of people here to help i guess the elders before didnt do a whole lot because there was a kid that comes to church every week and has a testimony of the church and went to the temple with his girlfriend this weekend and the elders never really talked with him or taught him so i got his direction and we are going to his house tomorrow
the members here are good and they gave us some references yesterday which is weird haha they never give references so im pumped about that. anyways im pumped to be here and love all of you guys and miss you all

here is a bridge that connects quequen to necochea

Elder Nathan Pitcher
 well my new comp is elder goeckerits from SLC and he is a good kid really new and does not speak much and my mission president wrote me and told me to be really good with him because he is struggling, he is really shy but hes a good kid and i think thats why i got transferred so quick but yah my new address is 523 2763 quequen and we livve in the house below, my new area is straight ghetto and all trashy and dirt roads ahha and so many dogs like honestly 10 dogs a block