I will serve thee with Honor!

Friday, September 15, 2017

9 weeks Sept 4, 2017

Well this week was pretty good one of our investigators came to church and everyone loved him and they all want to come to lessons with us so that was cool and he wasn't supposed to come to church because he was gonna be gone and he ended up not going, he was so happy he came as well, we also taught him last week and he cried when we taught about the spirit and then he asked us if we remembered when we invited him to be baptized and we said yes and he said well im ready now so we have him set for the 23 of September and he has to confirm if he will be here but it was a really awesome experience for us

12 Weeks Aug 21,17

Well this week was good we had a fireside and a zone conference with presidaent so there were 2 days of not doin to much but my birthday a less active family called me and asked if we could go out and give a blessing and we went out and they threw a surprise birthday party for me haha it was pretty fun though they had so much food and all sorts of stuff it was fun, but this week we had a lot of appointments get cancelled and that always sucks because all our investigators live really far apart so going to another takes an hour so its not worth wasting that time when we can find new investigators which we are struggling to find but this next week should be really good though

Aug 14, 17 Stuff

made burritos for our zone this week haha pretty boring week really we spent a whole day cooking and taught a girl that doesn't believein god and she wants to know if he is there but its good teaching her

Fasting Aug 7, 17

Well this week I learned to love our investigators i always thought i did but you can tell when you love them thats for sure i felt the spirit super strong when i found out i loved them and i knew the spirit was guiding the lesson it was awesome.also this week we fasted for some less actives and the ones we fasted for the two main families we were doing the fast for and they came to church it was awesome i know god hears our prayers and listens to us it was awesome

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Blessings Aug 28, 17

Well this last week was good...we found a new investigator that is amazing and he is awesome. his wife cheated on him and stuff is going bad but he wants help ad he love to read. he asked why we were called Mormons so we showed him the book of Mormon and as soon as i took it out he asked if he could have one but he is awesome we invited him to be baptized and he said yes so im super excited for whats to come, me and my comp set some obedience goals and we have been doing good and i can already see the blessings its awesome its heated up down here as well we went and studied on the beach the other day and it was nice

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Happy Brthday Nathan 20years young!

A member gave Nathan  surprise birthday party.   She asked him to come over to give a blessingand surprised him!!!

Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 17

Well this week we put one investigator on date and we got 2 investigators in church it was awesome because the branch loves them and they love the branch they just gotta get married is all and then the water, 2 of there daughters are baptized and they are well just awesome i love them haha