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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

1 year 11/14/16

well we cooked up the ostrich eggs and they taste just like a normal egg but its huge haha also yesterday we ate with some members and they are kinda poor and we ate some meat that i have no idea what it was i was kind of a blueish black color and it was gross and i still don't know what it was haha, this week we had service 2 times and we mowed a guys lawn and then we moved dirt again.Good news we finally found some new investigators this week and im so happy, the one lady said she will invite her friend for the next visit and that makes me happy because maybe we can get another investigator out of it. We contacted alot this week and it was good because we found a ton of potentials to make into investigators so im excited for that, also ill be at a year mark this week how crazy haha time has flown by so quick its crazy but im happy here and life is good its getting really hot though so that sucks but other than that everything is good for me and i love you all and thanks for everything

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