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Monday, July 25, 2016

Bolivar 7-24-16

Well i super good week in the great white south, this week we found 6 new investigators so that was good, anyways on Monday we were in Olavarria and we went to the straight ghetto and skate park and played basketball, there were kids break dancing and listening to biggie smalls, and just straight up hood music on the corner the corner of the court, then some kids came and asked if we wanted to play ball, they were all tatted up and smoking while they were playing, haha we destroyed them and i stuffed them so much haha, they were like these north americans can jump hahah. i was so sore after cause its been so long since ive played.
Later in the week we were walking down the street and heard someone whistle at us, and we never look at them because usually they mess with you but we decided to look and this guy waves us over to his shop and he starts naming book of Mormon prophets, he is from the northern part of Argentina and moved here 17 years ago and always went to church up there, but was never baptized and he didn't know there was a church here, so we have been working with him lately. he works on semis and big trucks haha hes sweet.
Another funny thing that happened this week was we were walking down the street at night in one of the ghettos and we heard a bunch of kids yelling and what sounded like a ton of people running, but it was just to kids bombing down the street on a horse chasing dogs haha. also we saw some people with like 10 greyhounds all chasing rabbits in a field ahha these people caught a ton of rabbits with the dogs, anyways thats it for my week it was a good one. 

-playing in the hood
-peanut powder
-the sketchy bridge
Elder Pitcher

Monday, July 18, 2016

8 months baby!!!!!

well i hit 8 months today its crazy how fast time flies, anyways we went to tandil this week and it was good it has a mountain so that was good to see, anyways this week was good, we went to this guys house we have been teaching and the last time we were there we invited him to read and pray about the church, this guy used to be into drugs and then he wanted to change so he went to some camp and stopped, anyways he read and prayed and said he got an answer and he was super excited and went and told his mom and his wife and he is awesome haha he thinks my last name is funny, the other day he had to leave and he asked if we wanted to teach his wife while he was gone and we told him we cant be alone with girls and he then said ofรงh ok thats good i dont have confidence in pitcher haha then he laughed and gave me a look haha he is supercool though.Crazy thing this week we were walking and we see this dog on a metal roof running but sliding down then he all like 10 feet and whimpered and ran off haha it was so funny though i felt a little bad but it was funny anyways love you all and PB for life๐Ÿ’€Elder Pitcher

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016

well it was the fourth of July this week and we made some BBQ chicken it was super good, anyways this week we had a dog follow us everywhere and all the other dogs would just beat him up and he didnt care at all, he was bleeding a ton and all he wanted was us to play fetch with him so we did but he didnt care about the other dogs or nothing, im not a fan of Argentine dogs they are so greasy and gross haha, anyways on Saturday it was independence day in Argentina so we went out side and there was a huge parade, there were so many gauchos on there horses and they are weird they wear TOMS shoes because they are Argentine i guess and its weird but not a whole lot happened this week we've been contacting alot and its been warm lately like in the 60´s its so nice but yah its awesome here, the other day we ate like 20 hotdogs haha it was gross hahh anyways god speed every one

July 4, 2016 Happy 4th

Happy 4th everyone we are doing good in the great south, anyways we have been working super hard here and i super tired at the end of the day but i sleep good at night, the the other day i knelt down to pray to start language study and then i woke up a half hour later haha ive never fell asleep praying before but i was super tired haha anyways it has been raining alot here and alot of the streets are dirt and really muddy now, i need mud boots out here ha, anyways this last week i went to bahia which is about 4 hours away for paper work for my visa and like always then send you by your self, i dont understand why but i went there and i was gone about 2 days and i was 3 days without shaving haha i had a beard haha it was bad, anyways i went there and signed my name twice and then i sat in the office all day and talked with some elders there and it was pretty cool but yah it was fun and i think that all that traveling is catching up on me now because im super tired but its good, nothing crazy happened this week only rain and mud, anyways enjoy your 4th of July every one, i think we are gonna make BBQ chicken to celebrate today, love you all so much and i miss the PB๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿ’€
Cake Nathan made....said it was gross! ;)

Found some hotdogs and said they were gross also. haha

June 27, 2016

Well the new area is sweet its very chill here people are nice they let you in and its awesome haha, mar del plata every one had fear of us that we would rob them and it was bad, anyways we are teaching a ton and we walk a butt load the other day i took my ipod that has a step counter and we walked 16.85 miles it was a long day haha but its fun and we contact a lot here and the people listen, anyways im in olavarria for pday because tomorrow i leave for bahia blanca for passport stuff again, me and my comp get along good, i dont know a whole lot about him yet but hes a good teacher and we work good and hard. i was gonna send photos this week but i left my camera in the house but anyways all is well we mainly just taught lessons all week so that was fun, love you all and god speed
Elder Pitcher

BOLIVAR June 21, 2016

Well i got transferred to bolivar in the middle of no where the closest elders are an hour and a half away in bus haha and for zone meetings every 2 weeks we have to go there haha anway its a pretty small town but im excited to be here, it was sad leaving pompeya because nolberto cried and then at the terminal lucia and her mom were bawling it was sad but i love all of them and they are my family in the south but yah i went from the stake center to a church that is the size of a releif society room its like a house and isnt like a church building so its weird for me haha and i guess we only have around 30 or so people every week but it should be a good time here, my comps name is elder winegar from emmit idaho he has 10 months in the mission and he seems pretty cool, hes kinda quiet but we are still new to each other but yah im pumped to be here and do so work. also last week had a bbq with the zone because it was the last zone meeting and it was so good and so much fun we ate a ton, anyways its been good to here from all of you guys haha im super tired it was like 7 hours of traveling so that sucked, also this house is a litlle better than my other house haha its gonna be good here but anyways love you all and send pictures please! also i hit 7 monthes in the mission wow time flies out here its crazy haha
also i will try and send photos next week to all of you
Elder Pitcher
My new home!