I will serve thee with Honor!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Rauch 4/24/17

Well this week was a super good week the work is still slow because we are still getting to know the area and find more people and stuff but there are lots of less actives to work with so we are finding all of them, this week the ZL came out to do divisions with us and we had such a good time and found so many good people, this always happens in divisions im not sure why but i love it.We also found a family of 4 this week and i feel pretty strong about them they were a reference from members probably one of the only references i have gotten in the mission haha people don't
give references here very often so its tough work
My comp and I eating pasties

give references here very often so its tough work

Monday, April 17, 2017

Rauch 4/17/17

Well I'm in my new area and there is lots to do here its called rauch and its tiny and 60 miles away from another city called tandil haaha we had 10 people in the church and i had to give a talk my first day haha but im super happy to be here because its gonna be a good time and my comp is elder pereira from brazil he is really nice and hs a big desire to work so thaats good but aanyways this week we were in our area for 2 days because we were in tandil for zone conference and then we did a church open house and it was so fun nd we got good results from it and you just teach simple truths as people come into the room your in and it was awesome i loved it so yah thats what we did i ha to sleep on the floor one night an they dont have carpet here so i slept on tile haha it sucked and the second night we were in tandil me and my comp shared a twin mattress we slept head to feet haha but it was much better than the floor haha also this week we ordered a pizza and 2 15 year old girls brought it and di answered an they were super gity and stuff like that and i paid and they walked off with the pizza so i sat in the door for a sec and then said umm the pizza and they ran back and gave me the pizza but yah it was super funny ahha anyways also we ha interviews with pres and well rauch is known as a place to put bad or disobedient eldders and in my interview president told me that he doesn't know why people say that because he doesnt send those elders there  haha because im obedient and a good elder haha but yah im pumped to raise this area up  happy easter

Monday, April 10, 2017

im outta here and baptisms April 10, 17

well im being transferred to tandil and im pretty excited about that to get into a new area and stuff like that, well we had another baptism last week his parents are married either and his dad isnt member but his mom is a member but it was nice to have another baptism so that made me happy and yah im still district leader but another area so that should be good but after the baptism we had a testimony meeting and it was super spiritual and i liked it a ton and felt the spirit really strong but i was only here for 3 transfers and it went buy super quick but yah i miss you all and love you all

Bautiniño pueyrredon March 27, 17

Well it was a crazy week here, first our investigator got evicted from his house well him and his family because they built it next to the abandoned railroad and they bulldozed the property and it was crazy and the week of the baptism so it was sad because now they are living with there grandma temporarily, so its sad for them, but in the end the kid was baptized and confirmed and i got to baptize him and they are so cool i just love that family so much and i am glad that we got to baptize there kid and now the parents need to get married and baptize the mom and then they can be sealed, that is there plan so its awesome to see people prepare for the straight and narrow path that the lord has provided for us to be on love you all so much

The Week March 20.17

Well this week was good we have 2 people on date and im excited for that we have one baptism this Saturday and the kid wants me to baptize him they are a really cool family and they live in a house thats like 10 ft by 10 ft made of tin and scrap wood but they are so humble and nice, the dad cut his finger

the other day all the way to the bone and didnt go to the doctor until a day later so it was gross when we saw it and it looked bad haha but anyways im excited for this week and well i miss you all and love you all

March 13, 17

Well this week was crazy haha we went with one of the zone leaders for a day because his comp was paying rent in another city with some other elders and well we were supèr far away from the house and it started raining but super hard for and 1 hour it rained like crazy so we were out in that we got soaked and the water in the streets was a little above our ankles haha so we looked like studs in a shirt and tie out in the water haha. then we had to give a blessing to a sister missionary that night but super late and we got back to our house at 1130 it sucked Well we have a kid on date for the 25th of march so im super happy to have a baptism because im sure he will be baptized so im excited and happy for that, but other than that a pretty slow week

March 6, 17

not much to say this week we mainly just visited people and well we have found a few new people but they are girls that live by them selves so we need some members to come with us to help out with the lessons.it rained alot this week and its starting to cool down thank goodness

Divisions Feb 27, 17

Well this week was pretty cool i went out to coronel suarez which is a 3 and a half hour bus ride and did divisions with the elders out there and well one night when i was with one elder and we didnt have keys or a cell phone and my comp and the other elder went to a BBQ and didnt get back till 11 we were so pissed because the rule is to be home at 9, it was so hot and humid that night we were constantly sweating and it sucked but it was cool me and elder gappmayor went on the roof and took photos while we waited and sat out side. we also gave a lesson in english to a man named roy i was a little nervous because i have never taught in English

but it was awesome i loved it i wish i could teach more in English. Also like 3 weeks ago i forgot to tell a story so me and my comp and 2 elders went to a buffet and we ate a ton and then went and played basketball and stuff in the hot sun, so we were feeling like crap and well so we got back and me and the 2 other americans drank a ton of water to make our selves throw up and we had me and another elder goin at the same time i was in the toilet and he was in the bidet( it washes your but after you use the restroom) but it was so funny and we threw up so much and we were laughing so much it was hilarious, we got it on video haha