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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another week in Jan. 28, 2016

Anyways everyone is asking about fishing from last week but we didnt go because the one elders comp from Bolivia had to throw a fit and say he didn't want to go like right before we left so it chapped my butt quite a bit, anyways we didn't let that get us down so me and my comp went the the mountains (pretty much the hill in my front yard in Utah) but it was cool there is a town there and its like a tourists town like a bear lake or a jackson hole rich and lots of stores we found alot of cool stuff. i bought a mate cup made out of a cow hoof and had my name engraved into it it was pretty cool and we just hung out up there for a while it was really pretty and lots of trees ill send pics next week of everything cause it was cool, but yah we planned for fishing this week im super pumped to go today.

Anyways this week was good we found out the the kids of our investigators speak English not alot but some, i speak my Spanish and they speak English, its was fun and we get to teach English class every other Friday in the church haha so that should be way fun. Also we were out going to someones house that we contacted and we were planning on going to on the other side of town but we went to that persons house and they said they didn't want anything so we were goin to go to the area we planned to contact. then i remember a ladies house that was close to where we were so we went there and we have a few times before and she always said come back later which means im not interested ha but when we got there we rang the doorbell out side the fence and she came out and said "pasen" which means "come in" ha i was like oh wow this is weird i didn't think she would want to talk to us based on all of our other visits, so we ended up teaching lesson 1 and it was good we found out alot of her struggles and doubts so we are going to teach her from now on but it was really cool and its amazing how the spirit works with us to find people, anyways all of you "keep god on your side and that throttle open wide"
time for me to go catch so great white South American trout hah i have no idea what they have down here probably garbage fish haha but im pumped.
Elder Pitcher

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Crazy Stuff Jan 21, 2016

Well something way cool happened this week, we went on divisions which
is splits with other missionaries and i was with elder lee from draper
utah and he has only been out 5 months but he is good at Spanish,
we were out tracking in there area and we contact this house and a guy
comes out so we start talking to him and he says he has talked to
missionaries before and then he was like i only have 10 minutes and
invited us in, which never happens here, most people just poke there
head out the window and then you talk,  so we get inside his
house and start teaching lesson 1 the restoration and elder lee looks
and me and says do you have the lesson 1 pamphlet so we both look and
its not there so we were bummed cause the pictures help the
investigators understand, and about 10 minutes into the lesson elder
lee starts talking about how peter, james, and john gave joseph smith
the melchezidek preisthood and he was struggling with it cause miguel,
  the guys name was getting confused and then i had the impression to
look for the pamphlet again and i open my scripture case and it was in
plain sight right there, i dont know if i missed it or where it came
from, even elder told me that it was not there before it was so weird,
then the lesson went amazing and miguel got emotional and told us a
story about his dad that had cancer he starting crying when he told us
but here is how the story goes, so him and his family were sitting
outside the room of his father that was on his death bed and they saw
footsteps going into the room and as soon as they got to the room his
father died, and about i week later miguel prayed please let me see my
father one more time, i miss him so much, and that night he had a dream
and he saw a man in all white and then his father stepped out from
behind him and he hugged his father and he said that it felt real that
he knew he was hugging his father it was so cool, then after he told
us he was tearing up and he asked us for the Book of Mormon and we got
it out and handed it to him, then he looked at it gave it back and said
someone needs this one more than me, give me one next visit, and we
  hadn't even asked for a return visit yet. it was so cool, im not saying
he is gonna be baptized or that he is the chosen one but i am gonna
say that he has a lot of potential and we were in there for and hour
and a half and he said only 10 minutes it was so cool.

Well today is pday and we are going fishing so i need to hurry but i
miss you all and cant wait for next week, also i hit my 2 months this
week, ah time flies, its really gonna fly when i can speak fluently
though but its way cool here and tomorrow is supposed to be 103 degrees
so yummy haha
Elder Pitcher
Nathans house!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jan 14, 2016

(from Mom    No letter just random messages as I was online talking a little bit to him.)

At about 5 15 i remember i was on a split and with i poor poor poor family and the dogs had mange and hardly any hair thats really all i went through at that time, but im doing alot better now and i havent had any weird food yet but i did try cactus fruit it was prtty good but there isnt much fruit its maily just seeds

well they live in a shack and they sell like chips from it and they have to walk all the way on the other side of town and sometimes they dont have enough money for it but yah thats all i gott out of it from what the zone leaders told me cause we were on splits
  ot this week there wasnt a whole lot to report but thank you for the photo album i look at it everyday
but yah im doing better for once wich is good and i had a conversation with a guy last night he said he lived in miami until he got deported haha but he was cool we are gonna stop by sometime
 so splits are cool cause everyone teaches differently
 Well we arent aloud to go to the beach in the summer months cause of girls in bikinis haha but we can in the winter months but doves are like tweety birds here they are every where and im going fishing here in the next couple days so thats good but i miss you guys alot and send pics as much as possible and if you go snowmobiling send pics doing lots better this week
 i had to mud a house the other day i forgot to tell you and also the pigeons here are as big as ruffed grouse they are big
 we cant give out our address but our ward is pompeya and thats our area its safe and nice

Sunday, January 10, 2016

ive been here a whole week now Jan 7, 2016

well i don't have much time this week but its tough, I cant understand anybody, our neighbors that are 4 and 2 sit outside our window and call us Mormons for like 10 minutes every day hah its funny they love us, but i like it here and its different but I'm in the big city also we had a baptism on Sunday her name is Antoneita she loves to talk and we called her one night and she started talking about something weird idk what but my comp put the phone down and she talked for 11 minutes straight haha he said goodbye 10 times and she kept talking but shes really nice we just know not to call her at night and our visits with here are like 2 hours I get so tired in them but yah we also met some snakes this week which are like cougars in American terms  haha older women after younger men they listened to our message but were really touchy, it was a mom and daughter, the daughter was 18 but they did the Argentinian kiss on the cheek thing to us after we told them not to and they weren't wearing the most appropriate clothing so we turned them over the sister missionaries to see if they were really interested haha love and miss you and pray for me to get the gift of tongues haha

Our water is fixed now cause I didn't tell you last week but our water was contaminated and there were things swimming in it so we lived with some other elders for a couple days until it got fixed but our house is a dump, no one ever cleaned it or took care of it so everything is broken, dirty, and worthless, so it sucks, also we aren't allowed to eat at members or other peoples house cause people kept getting food poisoning so we make all our food.

Elder Pitcher