I will serve thee with Honor!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

pueyrredon Feb 20,17

So this week we had a super weird experience in a house, we knocked on there door and a lady answered the door in a dirty night gown like all scary movies happen and well she invited us in and i asked if there was a man in the house because we cant go in if there isn't a man and well i slurred my words alot and the whole time talking it was difficult for me, anyways there was a man there we never saw him though but we had contacted him during the week so we knew there was a man in the house so we went in and i felt weird the whole time like i didnt want to be there at all and talking to them was hard for me and yah they had a daughter commit suicide 17 years ago as well. Anyways at the end they asked me to pray and i blessed the house that the spirit could dwell there it was weird because i didnt think it, it just came out of my mouth when i said it. After we left my comp told me that he felt weird there and that something was bad in that house so it was really weird for us but a cool experience for us. thats about it for us i miss you guys and i love you all and sorry i havnet written in a while
Elder Pitcher

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Elder Steveson Conference Feb 1, 2017

Well this last week we had a conference with elder Stevenson and it was awesome i got to shake his hand and he gave me a double handed hand shake it was awesome haha he is so cool but what i like from when he came was:  i liked how he could only say one phrase at a time to let the translator translate because it gave me time to let each phrase set in. i liked how he talked about some simple things that i realized i wasn't doing while teaching, he opened my eyes on those things so that was awesome. he taught about blessings and how they come from our obedience and stuff like that so it was good to hear from him and he was so loving and was so excited to hear from us and see us and the whole mission got together. Also elder Stevenson wife asked the question are we the missionaries our mothers think we are? and are we the missionaries god wants us to be? they some things to think about for sure haha  Also things are real slow hear in the mission people just dont have faith or something because we used to teach a ton and now we teach once a week and im not sure why its happening because our finding efforts are so much stronger than before but its gonna take faith from me and many prayers haha anyways that's
all that has really happened lately
Elder Nathan Pitcher

Your Sweet Son!!!

A letter we received from:
 Un abrazo
Elder Mark A. Bragg
Presidencia de Área
Área Sudámerica Sur
Dear Pitcher Family
We were on assignment this weekend in Bahia Blanca and had the opportunity to meet you fantastic son.  He is happy, healthy, and working hard.  He was so much fun to talk to.  His Spanish is excellent! 

Thank you for raising such a wonderful young man to serve in this sweet area!

transfers 1/16/17


Well transfers came and my comp is leaving to become a zone leader and i will be the new district leader here so that's really exciting that i will have some leadership, I'm a little nervous but excited. my new comp is elder blanco form Argentina i heard he is a stiff and a military man but i think we should have fun, Well this week was a long week for me, on Friday night around 8 o´clock my stomach started to hurt and i layed in bed for a few hours and then at like 930 i went and threw up and from 9 to 4 in the morning i threw up every hour so 8 times in total it got to the point were i was throwing up saliva and the water i sipped on it was terrible and i was so sore and got 2 hours of sleep so i called the mission presidents wife and she told me to take it easy for a while and try and get some sleep so i slept all Saturday and then i got a fever so i took an ice bath and that helped me alot and then i i slept more. on Sunday
i went to church and came home and slept the rest of the day with a head ache but to day i feel a lot better but i tire really easily haha. i lost 6 pounds being sick haha
Also this week we had a killer lesson where when you open your mouth and the spirit does the rest haha it was awesome it was with some less actives and we just testified it up to them, and they kept telling us we had reason haha it was awesome.