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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

baptism!!!!! MAY 30, 2016

Well yesterday we baptized nolberto haha it was so funny the bishop did the ordanence and he had to do it twice because he would go under and when he did his foot came up, anyways the second time he was shoving him under the water and finally got him under haha after the bishop told us that would resisting so much haha and the guy is 76 years old and i heard alot of the old people are hard to baptize and stubborn hahha but it was super funny anyways thats about it for our week we didnt do a whole lot last night we finished our day at six because it wouldn't stop raining anyways it has been raining for like 20 hours straight now but not to hard but it hasnt stopped and its super cold haha but im super happy and we had a baptism haha also the zone leaders had one on Saturday so there were 2 in our zone this week and also one of our recent converts went to the temple on Friday so thats really cool as well anyways take care ya´ll
Elder Pitcher
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Food they make   Milenesa,

His new Hat!!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

6 months May 23, 2016

well i hit 6 months this week haha i dont have a lot to say this week either but im doing good and its still cold and now a little rainy anyways this week we taught nolberto twice and watched the whole Joseph smith movie with him now i think he understands who joseph smith was and what he did but it was super good we should baptize him next week if everything goes as planned but anyways last week we went to the port again for pday and there were a ton of sea lions and they are ugly as sin haha anyways it was super fun and the waves were huge out on the walkways and we got soaked haha but it was super fun, also the other night we had a ping pong tournament with the ward it was super fun but i suck haha but i will try and get better anyways its fun down here and today we are going to sierra de los padres with the zone so it should be super fun anyways god speed everyone
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At the ocean!
He love to take pictures with this face!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MDP May 16, 2016

what up everyone, well i cant remember what happened this week hahha we are still doing great with our investigator, and we still haven't seen sunlight in like 3 weeks now i hate it its just grey skies all the time hahha.
Ok so yesterday i got to talk to my family because transfers were on mothers day so we waited for this week anyways it was super good and my dog gave birth while we were talking so that was crazy but it was super good to see them but im happy here now i was really missing my family but after i talked to them i felt great 
also an investigator of the sister missionaries kissed my cheeck she is like 50 and really quit and she shook my hand then jumped and kissed my cheeck haha i was like heyyyy no and the member next to me was laughing so hard he was like sinner oh you sinner hhaa

Monday, May 9, 2016

4 May 9, 2016

well i have another transfer here that makes it 4 transfers and also yah not alot happened this week we went to the beach as a zone and it was so freaking fun i walked out onto this rock strip and i wasn't paying attention and a wave came and i almost got swallowed into the ocean it was like waste high it was so scary because i almost slipped haha but i have a video of it and yah i was super fun, one of our recent converse looked at her dog the other day and said something, then she looked at me and said you probably say b*tch i was like where did you learn that word haha she just looks at her daughter then i got mad and said where did you learn that then she said another name of this kid that speaks English but it was super funny haha anyways not a whole lot this week but ya  miss and love you all
Elder Pitcher

Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Week May 5,2016

well its freaking cold here haha and always cloudy but when we walk we get warmer so thats good but anyways im doing great here. we don't have a lot to say this week but now our pdays are on Mondays so that should be different and transfers are coming up anyways our investigator nolberto is solid and one night we had a lesson with him but couldnt make it so we called the sisters to see if they could stop by and tell him sorry and tomorrow and later the sisters called and said that his wife screamed at them and not to come back and quit annoying us so we were really confused because his wife is really nice and the hermanas said that he had a arrow on his house for the address so we were like oh no i think thats his house but anyways we went by in the morning and nobody answered so we came back 2 hours later and his wife answered all happy and said yah hes arround the corner so we talked to him and he said did you stop by in the morning and we said yah he then said yah i was showering so i couldn't come and we apologized that we couldnt come he was really happy and nice so later we talked to the sister missionaries and they went to the wrong house hahaha, it was a house we contacted a month ago and they screamed at us as well haha but yah all is good with our investigator so im happy and we have a baptismal date set for him anyways thats all for me this week
Elder Pitcher