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Monday, August 29, 2016

Bolivar Aug 29, 2016

Well another good week it was cold some days and hot the others, anyways this week we went to olavarria for interviews with president and it was good also the rule changed that we can eat with members starting in october so im excited about that but i kinda liked cooking and learning how to cook it was fun, this week was kinda slow because we lost 2 days because of travel and being olavarria, but the the other day we contacted a dude that had a capybara and a heron and ostriches it was sick so hopefully he will let us teach him, this week we have had no money because its the end of the month and we eat of 25 pesos a day which is a $1.50 US so we have eating rice and tomato sauce haha but we are doing alright with that, its helping us not waste money on treats and stuff like that, we have been struggling to get our investigators to church so thats a hair depressing when you know it will bless them but they wont come, we call them Saturday night and sunday morning and they answer in the night and say they are coming but then Sunday they dont answer the phone so its tough but in time they will come hopefully we will work harder at getting them there, also i finally am legal in Argentina it was like 5 months i was illegal here haha, and i have the zone leaders hat on and i look like a gangster from the 20s haha , but all is good here, we are doing all we can right now, but there is always room for improvement
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Wrestling and fell in the drying rack!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Another week in Bolivar Aug 22, 2016

Well this week was a colder one so that was rough i was getting used to the warmth, anyways this week was awesome, we had a lesson with our investigator family, anyways we were teaching and i couldn't speak for nothing, all my Spanish left my head so i put my head down and starting thinking and my comp
starting teaching again so i said a little prayer that my Spanish would come back, then i started teaching about baptism and i said every word i wanted to say my tongue was loosed it was awesome, then at the end of the lesson the dad said i love when you guys are here there is such a peace when you guys are here and our family is calm and look at my wife she is sitting here and participating and the first day you guys came she said she was leaving, it was awesome because she listens to us and loves us, anyways the spirit was super strong and i love this family.
Then we have Jesus Lopez i could honestly hang out with him all day he is such a gomer but hilarious and when animals come to his house he keeps them and gives them American names like Jo and Russell hahha i love that guy.
Also this week Saturday night we got a call from the branch president that we had to speak in church the next day and i was freaking out because it will be my first talk in Spanish so i wrote for an hour and a half and i was worried people wouldn't like it or understand me, then after sacrament a recent convert as of 1 and half years ago that is super active and loves the church with her whole heart came up to me and said i loved your talk did you write it out? i said yes and she said make a copy of it and i want it i loved it so much so that made me super happy that she liked it. anyways thats all i have for this week. love you all!
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Elder Pitchers Bday cake

Monday, August 15, 2016


Well every one this week was good and super warm we went to Olavarria on Tuesday and had a meeting with the zone it was good, today was a holiday and we walked the city looking for a place to write the families and we finally found one haha, anyways today we are gonna cook and asado for my birthday and just party haha, but we put a kid on date this week for baptism but he didnt come to church he slept in, he told us its weird getting into these habits of Reading and praying all the time, so we told him not to worry and he will get it.
 also this we we had 50 people in our tiny church house it was awesome to see that many people. this week i was helping a member take stuff into the church and i put my scripture case on top off the car to help her take stuff in, and when i came back out the car was gone, so i was freaking out, but i came back 2 hours later and they had them, i had a lot of stuff marked in my bible that i didnt want to have to re mark and find haha, anyways im starting to understand people a lot better now and i am forgetting English haha.
we had a lesson with this guy and his wife and she whipped out her boob and started breast feeding and then someone went into there store thats on the side of the house and he left so we were just sitting there and she is talking to us, as soon as he got back we prayed and left because it was awkward, not for my comp because he is latino and its normal for him, but i was just staring at the ceiling or the walls haha.
In church this week a guy gave a talk and it was awesome he said "do i go to church, or do i participate in the church" it was a good saying, it made me think about before the mission and if i participated or just went, but its a good question to think about. Anyways i love you all and i love the work, AUGUANTE USA in the Olympics
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Monday, August 8, 2016

I love Bolivar! Aug 8, 16

Well i got my new comp elder elder calixto he is from lima peru, and we are working hard and everyday is full, i hate it when theirs time when nothing is planned like when lessons fall through, so we just contact to find more people, yesterday was super weird it sounded like world war 3 outside and it sounded like gunshots but i know it was gunshots so we went outside and there was like 150 motorcycles and dirt-bikes and bullet bikes, just straight holding the throttle wide open so they would back fire haha and then at night in the park there was like 50 cars with the trunks open with huge speakers and cranking reggatone (its like rap) haha it was so weird, anyways this week was good and full, we had a ton of lessons this week so that was good, ive kinda forgotten what happened this week, on Saturday EVERYTHING fell through it sucked i was so tired at the end of the day we contacted so much and found a couple good ones, anyways the church is true and i know, i felt gods love lot this week and i love him dearly, pray for my Spanish im getting there its just some days i struggle but i love it here i love bolivar so much it awesome, anyways love you all and god speed

The cannon is from the U.S. navy haha
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Video for Mikes birthday!!!!