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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Still Here Oct 24, 2016

well im staying n bolivar for another transfer in bolivar with elder calixto so lets hope we can do some work and baptize some people, we have been eating more with members so its cool to talk to them and be with them and stuff like that, lots of stuff change in our mission they combined so many zones so there are have to amount of zones now haha so now the zones are huge and yah well this week was good we had a lot of lessons and 2 investigators in the church this week and last night we went on splits with the branch president and elders quorum president so it was fun i went with the branch president and we talked to one less active family and it was good, also we had to give the sunday school class yesterday with out notice but its not hard to do because we had the manual and stuff but its good to be in the mission today we are in olavarria again and yah also i met a girl from the states and

she came to college here and loved it so now she lives here so we talked in english for a while but she doesn't want to know about the church but she wants to o fishing and have dinner with us sometime but its weird that there is another  American here haha anyways t was a good week this week and i miss you all

Friday, October 21, 2016

Bolivar Oct 17, 2016

Well another good week in bolivar we had our first meal with people so that was awesome but this week was kinda slow i feel like but it was fun we went to the park with a member and ate choripan its like brats and they are really good and then we had some lessons this week, one of our investigators is in a court case right now and he was telling us a while back that they are liers the other people saying that he had a gun and everything and it was multiple time he went over with a gun and he said it was all lies and then the other day he laughed at us and said ok i did have a gun the first time but the rest are lies and the judge knew it haha but he is funny he used to be a druggy and then he went to a camp and read the bible and started believing in god and he has changed a ton since we met him and he knows the church is true but he isn't married yet so thats what we are working on because they want to get married but they have to fix some things because they dont have much unity in the relationship and yah, this week was pretty normal though so yah thats about all that happened for me this week
Elder Pitcher

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bolivar Oct 11,2016

Well this week was a good one and well we are 11 days into the new rule that we can eat with members and we haven't ate with not a single one yet haha, also all the sister missionaries have to wear pants now in our mission for mosquitos and the elders got to take off there suits coats and all our mission is allowed to wear sunglasses and hats so i think i might just wear sunglasses in the morning when the sun is in my face. anyways yesterday we went to olavarria again and it was fun i got to see Hermana estrada from my mtc district because she came to teach us about church visitor centers so it was cool, then me and another elder went and tanned on the roof haha we are so white now me and elder vance went up there haha.
Anyways this week we had a good lesson with some investigators and they had some friends over that started to listen and we gave the family the pamphlet for the next lesson and explained a little bit of it, and then there friends asked if they could have one to so we gave them a pamphlet of the restoration and a book of Mormon and taught them how to pray, now we just need to start teaching them, also I have a new goal and it is to study Spanish better so I can find there needs because its hard to find there needs when you don't understand them completely so i have been studying Spanish really hard the last week.
Hermana Estrada
Elder Hansen and Elder Vance

t-shirt I had made and knife I bought

Conferance Oct 4, 2016

Well conference was good i had to watch it on a members cell phone in the back of the chapel in English so that was good that i got to hear it in English and understand alot more than i could have, but i loved it and i love Thomas s monson he speaks with power and ya i love conference and we got to watch the priesthood session at like 9 to 11 in the night so that was good, im excited to read the talks now, i read every single talk from last conference it was my goal to finish all of them before this conference so that was good, right now we are in olavaarria and with the other elders, we went on splits last night and it was awesome I was with 2 super new elders like they have 2-3 months and they are both Americans so it was fun to have to be the example in Spanish and in teaching we had 2 lessons and each was pretty good.
Also in one session of conference we had a mom dad and there son so it was cool, also i had a day this week where i felt the saviors love stronger than ever and it brought me to tears it was awesome and i have a testimony that he loves each and every one of us and knows each and every one of us but I love the lord and his prophets and apostles and I'm happy to be here
Elder Pitcher

Bolivar Again Sept 27,2016

Well this week was good and we had some good lessons and everything we had an activity in the church we made smoothies and it was pretty much just like 15 people in total so that sucked but we made smoothies and did stuff like that, also me and my comp talked in sacrament this week and then we had to give the Sunday school lesson it was rough haha but i made it through it haha i forgot what we did this week we went to Add to dictionary and had a reunion and thats about it of what i remember as of now haha but im doing good and im sweating through my suits its bad and we cant take them off yet
I wont email on Monday next week either because we have a meeting that day but i will email on Tuesday
Elder Pitcher

Bolivar Sept 19, 2016

Well this week was good and we had some good lessons and the weather has been allover the place here it changes every day now, and we are making our way into spring, well we went to this ladies house and she was saying she never lets missionaries in her house but she let us in and she said its god telling her something so hopefully we can teach her more and baptize her and her family, anyways we were contacting one morning and i was getting really frustrated because every time i was talking or starting a contact my comp would cut me off and i was about to rip him a new one there in the street but then i decided no i need to humble myself so i did, and then we went to a less actives house and me and him talked a ton and he asked me about the temple and i finally got to talk to someone and my comp was quite and it was awesome even though it wasn't much it was a huge blessing to me and i know it was because i humbled myself and did what the lord wants of me so it was awesome and also this week we had 2 investigators in the church so that was awesome also i hit 10 months in the mission its so weird how fast its gone by and i feel like i haven't even started yet but I'm still getting the hang of things here in the mission but its an awesome experience and i love it even when days are long and hard but i get through them because the atonement of Christ but love you all and send me pictures of everything, because i love photos so much🌲💀

Transfers came Sept 12, 2016

Well transfers came and me and my comp are staying here in bolivar to baptize haha, im excited to be here though, this week was kinda slow we had lots of lessons fall through and that sucked and we didnt have an investigator in the church its been 11 weeks that weve had an investigator in church and this was the first time in a long time since thats happened, anyways i have a crazy story, so some kid came up to us and asked to use our phone he looked normal and happy and ive seen him at an investigators house a few times so i gave it to him, then he called his mom and started screaming and yelling and crying and swearing saying someone robbed him and all this other stuff and he wanted the money $1500 pesos and this went on for 20 minutes and he said he was gonna burn the house down and all sorts of stuff it was awkward because we were standing right there and listening to everything, anyways he finished his call and gave us the phone said thanks and shook our hands, then later that night his mom called us and apologized and the kid must have said we were missionaries and she thanked us for our kindness and she felt really bad though, she said it was something to do with marijuana and something bad happened and he was in trouble, and then she asked are you the Mormons so i said yes and she said when i see you i will thank you personally so we will contact her when that happens haha anyways thats about it for this week i finished my first journal in the mission so thats exciting always here photos from last week at the zoo

Elder Nathan Pitcher

Another Week in Bolivar Sept 6, 2016

Well ive forgotton alot of what happened this week haha we taught a ton and they were good lessons im teaching more because i told my comp that i also needed time to teach because i wasnt getting much time to teach, anyways we were at jesus lopez´s house and he works on semis so he is always greasy and dirty and he said he walked into a store and preteneded to be a begger and took his hat off to collect money, he said it was just a joke but someone gave him money haha, the other night we walked past the fair thats goin on and we saw the argentine rodeo and we saw them riding bucking horses and they ride them so different here they wip them to buck and they only jump up with there front legs so its super weird but it was cool, we went to the zoo today and it was fun and we saw lots of animals and yah i dont remember to much this week
church we are trying to get our investigators to come but they just wont and its stressful because we have like 18 in total so it would be awsome if they all came and our little church house would be full thats all i want

Elder Pitcher