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Monday, June 26, 2017

Crazy Stuff June 5, 17

So we put a kid on date for the 24th of June and he is super pumped and i am to and we told him to pray about Joseph smith and everything and when we can back he said he prayed and then that night he had a dream about me and my comp testifying to him that it was true so he took that as his answer and also he said that he kinda already knew it was true but it was super cool.
So the crazy stuff is my mission president called me with a request and said that my comp was leaving for bahia blanca but i think he went home is what i heard, so my pres said that i was getting a new elder that needed help and that he has some problems and he needed me to get him working because he has some psychical problems and he needed help so i said ok ill do it and then the zone leaders went to bahia to get him because they had a leader meeting and htey were gonna bring this elder them and so they left and i called them when they were on there way home and they said my new comp isnt coming anymore so i dont have a comp now so yah its all weird haha
here is a pic of my old comp

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