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Monday, May 29, 2017

queqeun May 29, 17

Well im in my new area and with my new comp elder goeckeritz he is from SLC and a good guy, also my new area is straight ghetto haha just dirt streets and dogs everywhere and its a pretty poor area in some parts but i like it and there are lots of people here to help i guess the elders before didnt do a whole lot because there was a kid that comes to church every week and has a testimony of the church and went to the temple with his girlfriend this weekend and the elders never really talked with him or taught him so i got his direction and we are going to his house tomorrow
the members here are good and they gave us some references yesterday which is weird haha they never give references so im pumped about that. anyways im pumped to be here and love all of you guys and miss you all

here is a bridge that connects quequen to necochea

Elder Nathan Pitcher
 well my new comp is elder goeckerits from SLC and he is a good kid really new and does not speak much and my mission president wrote me and told me to be really good with him because he is struggling, he is really shy but hes a good kid and i think thats why i got transferred so quick but yah my new address is 523 2763 quequen and we livve in the house below, my new area is straight ghetto and all trashy and dirt roads ahha and so many dogs like honestly 10 dogs a block

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