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Thursday, February 25, 2016

como estan Feb 18, 2016

Hey everyone i hit 3 months today its super weird it has been so long now that o think about it but time has flown by since I've been here.
anyways Argentina is weird girls just breastfeed all the time, today when i got on the bus i just see 2 ladies with there boobs hanging out and feeding her kids, its weird haha, and last night we were at a members and she just whips it out and this kid is like 1 year and a half, i don't know when your supposed to stop but he seems a little old haha.
not to much this week really just forget what happens haha, i gave my first blessing in Spanish to a guy that is brain-dead for like 10 years and it was good but his daughter that takes care of him loves it she didnt complain about anything she just talks to him and holds his hand all the time and loves him so thats good and she is like 60 years old or older, so i gave a blessing to him and elder kleinman gave a blessing to her, but yah not a whole lot this week, our investigators always want to play cards with us, there is a kid that is friends with our investigator that called us to hangout one night haha we were like no dude we cant haha but he is cool he gave us some adventure books in Spanish and signed them but yah time is flying.
For our laundry we have to fill the bucket thing up then add soap, wash then drain it. then add water and rinse, it takes almost 2 days to wash everything.
Also this week I've had 2 snowmobiling dreams  and i just wake up and get super trunky(think about home and the things you are gonna do when you finish the mission) man i miss the old sleds but its ok ill rip when i get home.
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