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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Argentina Feb 25, 2016

Well this week has been a great one ha no its been about the same, yesterday there was a video conference with elder bednar for all of south america south area it was good it taught about how if someone is not at church and the members pray "bless them that they will be here next week" remember its there decision so us as member have to get off our butts and go to there house and get them ourselves haha. Anyways not a whole lot this week haah another funny story the 4 year old neighbor kid kept knocking on our door and finally i opened it and then he put his foot on the door while i was closing it and i was closing it very slowly and then i shut it and heard a squeal and i just said oh hes sad i shut the door then i here his cousin abrir la puerta abrir la peurta (open the door) and i look outside and the kid is crying haha and holding his foot then when i opened the door his shoe fell out of the door haha and this kid his bawling then he sticks his tongue out at me and starts laughing haha but i thought it was so funny that i shut his foot in the door hahahhha. but yah pretty much my week its been really hot lately and its humid so i just sweat, oh and we made funnel cakes the other day mmmmmmm american food is good hahha.
One of the roads by his house that they walk.

Finally received his mail.  Takes forever!!!

Teaching outside an investigators door because they cant go in;)

Just got a haircut

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