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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Nothing special this week Feb 4, 2016

Well fishing never works because we went to rent poles this week and the place didnt rent them out so i was mad haha but we went the the lake and its pretty dirty pretty much like the bear river below the house but yah the ducks here are pretty cool looking they are like teal but more color i just want to kill one ahha , but yah that was pretty much our pday, today we are going bowling but yah they have pool at the bowling place so ill play that a little bit, 
Anyways my week we finally got hot water in the house ahhh its so nice cause before i would fill a bucket and dump the whole thing on the me because i could not ease my way into it, it was way to cold but yah hot water now thank goodness haha and the lady i talked about last week doesn't want anything ha but we are still gonna try and then we got 2 investigators to church last Sunday which is good because they like it and they love us but we need to get them to love the members haha but yh not much happened this week for me lots of walking and my hair is getting really light and im getting skinny haha anyways love and miss you all and email pics to me of whatever i love pics so much

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