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Monday, June 13, 2016

MDP June 13, 2016

Well its still bone chilling cold here but im doing alright its mainly the mornings that kill me anyways this week was good we had splits with the zone leaders and i learned a lot from the ZL that I was with it was sweet but we finished the night at 7 because he was kinda sick and it was super cold and he didnt want to get worse so we sat in the house for a while and it was so boring so i just read church history for ever haha also this week we were walking and i saw an arctic cat sticker on someones car i almost had tears of joy haha i want to go sledding so bad but transfers are next week so i hope i head out, i want to leave mar del plata but ill miss the people. we told Nolberto that i could leave so prepare for it and he said tell them you dont want to go haha i just told him that i would visit him sometime but he loves us haha and i love talking with him he is a really great guy, he said that after my mission I have to come visit him because he isnt going to Utah anytime soon hahah
Elder Pitcher

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