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Monday, June 13, 2016

MDP June 6, 2016

well Nolberto was confirmed yesterday so im happy and really nothing happened this week we went to a less actives house and chilled and talked and soccer then hit him with a lesson and he said that he needs to get to church some day so we will keep working on him he is sweet he works in a bakery and we stopped by today and they gave us so much pastries haha it was sweet and he got mad at us in a joking manner telling us that we better call him in the next couple days haha or he will come find us haha he loves us and so hopefully we can get him to come to church.also this week we were in the street and found $1200 pesos which is like $84US so that was super lucky so I'm pumped haha but thats about all for this week not a whole lot happened
Elder Pitcher

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