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Monday, July 11, 2016

BOLIVAR June 21, 2016

Well i got transferred to bolivar in the middle of no where the closest elders are an hour and a half away in bus haha and for zone meetings every 2 weeks we have to go there haha anway its a pretty small town but im excited to be here, it was sad leaving pompeya because nolberto cried and then at the terminal lucia and her mom were bawling it was sad but i love all of them and they are my family in the south but yah i went from the stake center to a church that is the size of a releif society room its like a house and isnt like a church building so its weird for me haha and i guess we only have around 30 or so people every week but it should be a good time here, my comps name is elder winegar from emmit idaho he has 10 months in the mission and he seems pretty cool, hes kinda quiet but we are still new to each other but yah im pumped to be here and do so work. also last week had a bbq with the zone because it was the last zone meeting and it was so good and so much fun we ate a ton, anyways its been good to here from all of you guys haha im super tired it was like 7 hours of traveling so that sucked, also this house is a litlle better than my other house haha its gonna be good here but anyways love you all and send pictures please! also i hit 7 monthes in the mission wow time flies out here its crazy haha
also i will try and send photos next week to all of you
Elder Pitcher
My new home!

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