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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

baptism!!!!! MAY 30, 2016

Well yesterday we baptized nolberto haha it was so funny the bishop did the ordanence and he had to do it twice because he would go under and when he did his foot came up, anyways the second time he was shoving him under the water and finally got him under haha after the bishop told us that would resisting so much haha and the guy is 76 years old and i heard alot of the old people are hard to baptize and stubborn hahha but it was super funny anyways thats about it for our week we didnt do a whole lot last night we finished our day at six because it wouldn't stop raining anyways it has been raining for like 20 hours straight now but not to hard but it hasnt stopped and its super cold haha but im super happy and we had a baptism haha also the zone leaders had one on Saturday so there were 2 in our zone this week and also one of our recent converts went to the temple on Friday so thats really cool as well anyways take care ya´ll
Elder Pitcher
New soccer jerseys

Food they make   Milenesa,

His new Hat!!!


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