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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dec 11, 16 Pueyrredon Bahia Blaca

Well im in my new area now and its like the downtown of Bahia or center i don't know what its called in English but its all the stores and shopping and everything, anyways the travel to get here was super long but i passed through some mountains and it was cool they were like lord of the ring mountains i felt like but it was super cool, also my new comp is elder rivadeneira from tucuman argentina and he seems pretty cool, also when i got to our apartment it was a mess it was terrible so i cleaned the crap out of it and organized everything and now its a pretty nice apartment. i have gotten a lot better at contacting people here, because my comp lets me talk to the people and now im super comfortable with talking to people i love it, i want to send photos this week but my computer wont let me but they are cool photos, anyways its been cool here in my short time in this area so hopefully we can get some stuff done here anyways i love you all a ton and happy seasons
Love Elder Pitcher

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