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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas from Pueyrredon 12/19/16

well folks my new area is different and well i also have 13 months in the mission, its crazy haha anyways this week i gave a talk in sacrament this week and it was good, this week we knocked on doors like crazy and it was a super long week haha but we found a few good people so that was good, my area is so much different from bolivar, last Sunday we had 53 people and this Sunday we had 32 and we are in the stake center haha i just want a lot of people in the church but yah.i have lost 5 pounds in this new area i think its because i just eat oatmeal and eggs and fruit haha ive tried not to buy as much junk food and im doing really good at that. well i forgot what else we did this week, we had a water balloon fight for pday last week and this week we just walked around Centro, anyways merry Christmas to you all and i love you all
Elder Pitcher

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