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Thursday, December 15, 2016

thanksgiving and 1 year Nov 28,16

 well i didn't  write last week and well i hit one year in the mission, anyways this week was thanksgiving and it was pretty normal for me we had a little thanksgiving dinner with the other elders and we cooked a full chicken it was really cool and really fun, but this week we went to tandil for a conference with the mission president an we talked about exaltation and how its a place that we all want to go but we know hardly anything about it because it was revealed to us (some prophets yes) but its a place that we dont much about, but yah also we talked about the plan of salvation and tons of stuff, my mind was blown haha because now i understand more Spanish so i understood what president was saying and it was super cool and yah we had to leave for tandil and 1 am and i hadent fallen asleep yet and i never fell asleep on the bus the whole night so i pulled a 48 hour day i was so weird haha i was out of it at one point and staring at the wall and people were looking at me it was pretty funny, but we also had stake conference but they just had future missionaries bare  testimonies and then our mission president talked about preparing for a mission and health and stuff so it was a good time.we have been out of our area for like 4 days now haha i feel like i haven't done nothing its weird though but its been fun

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