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Monday, January 2, 2017

happy new year and merry christmas 2016

Well sorry i didn't write last week but merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone. for Christmas (well the 23rd) we had a party in the mission and we watched finding dori and it was so coo haha, we also made cookies and other stuff like that, but anyways Christmas eve we hung out with a less active family it was fun and hopefully they come back soon we are trying to get them back, anyways Christmas we delivered presents to our district and my comp dressed up as Santa haha it was fun, anyways this last week we didn't have a whole lot exciting happen, we were with a less active on new years well until 930 haha but she lives alone so we ate sandwiches outside because we cant enter and she locked her keys in the house haha so that took away from us trying to teach her because we had to get into her house and we finally got in through a glass door that wasn't shut good so we popped it out and left and at 12 on new years

we woke up from fireworks and went back to sleep i yelled happy new years out the window and that was all haha anyways i love you all and miss you all

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