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Sunday, February 26, 2017

pueyrredon Feb 20,17

So this week we had a super weird experience in a house, we knocked on there door and a lady answered the door in a dirty night gown like all scary movies happen and well she invited us in and i asked if there was a man in the house because we cant go in if there isn't a man and well i slurred my words alot and the whole time talking it was difficult for me, anyways there was a man there we never saw him though but we had contacted him during the week so we knew there was a man in the house so we went in and i felt weird the whole time like i didnt want to be there at all and talking to them was hard for me and yah they had a daughter commit suicide 17 years ago as well. Anyways at the end they asked me to pray and i blessed the house that the spirit could dwell there it was weird because i didnt think it, it just came out of my mouth when i said it. After we left my comp told me that he felt weird there and that something was bad in that house so it was really weird for us but a cool experience for us. thats about it for us i miss you guys and i love you all and sorry i havnet written in a while
Elder Pitcher

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