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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Elder Steveson Conference Feb 1, 2017

Well this last week we had a conference with elder Stevenson and it was awesome i got to shake his hand and he gave me a double handed hand shake it was awesome haha he is so cool but what i like from when he came was:  i liked how he could only say one phrase at a time to let the translator translate because it gave me time to let each phrase set in. i liked how he talked about some simple things that i realized i wasn't doing while teaching, he opened my eyes on those things so that was awesome. he taught about blessings and how they come from our obedience and stuff like that so it was good to hear from him and he was so loving and was so excited to hear from us and see us and the whole mission got together. Also elder Stevenson wife asked the question are we the missionaries our mothers think we are? and are we the missionaries god wants us to be? they some things to think about for sure haha  Also things are real slow hear in the mission people just dont have faith or something because we used to teach a ton and now we teach once a week and im not sure why its happening because our finding efforts are so much stronger than before but its gonna take faith from me and many prayers haha anyways that's
all that has really happened lately
Elder Nathan Pitcher

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