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Monday, April 10, 2017

March 13, 17

Well this week was crazy haha we went with one of the zone leaders for a day because his comp was paying rent in another city with some other elders and well we were supèr far away from the house and it started raining but super hard for and 1 hour it rained like crazy so we were out in that we got soaked and the water in the streets was a little above our ankles haha so we looked like studs in a shirt and tie out in the water haha. then we had to give a blessing to a sister missionary that night but super late and we got back to our house at 1130 it sucked Well we have a kid on date for the 25th of march so im super happy to have a baptism because im sure he will be baptized so im excited and happy for that, but other than that a pretty slow week

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