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Monday, April 10, 2017

Divisions Feb 27, 17

Well this week was pretty cool i went out to coronel suarez which is a 3 and a half hour bus ride and did divisions with the elders out there and well one night when i was with one elder and we didnt have keys or a cell phone and my comp and the other elder went to a BBQ and didnt get back till 11 we were so pissed because the rule is to be home at 9, it was so hot and humid that night we were constantly sweating and it sucked but it was cool me and elder gappmayor went on the roof and took photos while we waited and sat out side. we also gave a lesson in english to a man named roy i was a little nervous because i have never taught in English

but it was awesome i loved it i wish i could teach more in English. Also like 3 weeks ago i forgot to tell a story so me and my comp and 2 elders went to a buffet and we ate a ton and then went and played basketball and stuff in the hot sun, so we were feeling like crap and well so we got back and me and the 2 other americans drank a ton of water to make our selves throw up and we had me and another elder goin at the same time i was in the toilet and he was in the bidet( it washes your but after you use the restroom) but it was so funny and we threw up so much and we were laughing so much it was hilarious, we got it on video haha

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