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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another week in Jan. 28, 2016

Anyways everyone is asking about fishing from last week but we didnt go because the one elders comp from Bolivia had to throw a fit and say he didn't want to go like right before we left so it chapped my butt quite a bit, anyways we didn't let that get us down so me and my comp went the the mountains (pretty much the hill in my front yard in Utah) but it was cool there is a town there and its like a tourists town like a bear lake or a jackson hole rich and lots of stores we found alot of cool stuff. i bought a mate cup made out of a cow hoof and had my name engraved into it it was pretty cool and we just hung out up there for a while it was really pretty and lots of trees ill send pics next week of everything cause it was cool, but yah we planned for fishing this week im super pumped to go today.

Anyways this week was good we found out the the kids of our investigators speak English not alot but some, i speak my Spanish and they speak English, its was fun and we get to teach English class every other Friday in the church haha so that should be way fun. Also we were out going to someones house that we contacted and we were planning on going to on the other side of town but we went to that persons house and they said they didn't want anything so we were goin to go to the area we planned to contact. then i remember a ladies house that was close to where we were so we went there and we have a few times before and she always said come back later which means im not interested ha but when we got there we rang the doorbell out side the fence and she came out and said "pasen" which means "come in" ha i was like oh wow this is weird i didn't think she would want to talk to us based on all of our other visits, so we ended up teaching lesson 1 and it was good we found out alot of her struggles and doubts so we are going to teach her from now on but it was really cool and its amazing how the spirit works with us to find people, anyways all of you "keep god on your side and that throttle open wide"
time for me to go catch so great white South American trout hah i have no idea what they have down here probably garbage fish haha but im pumped.
Elder Pitcher

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