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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Crazy Stuff Jan 21, 2016

Well something way cool happened this week, we went on divisions which
is splits with other missionaries and i was with elder lee from draper
utah and he has only been out 5 months but he is good at Spanish,
we were out tracking in there area and we contact this house and a guy
comes out so we start talking to him and he says he has talked to
missionaries before and then he was like i only have 10 minutes and
invited us in, which never happens here, most people just poke there
head out the window and then you talk,  so we get inside his
house and start teaching lesson 1 the restoration and elder lee looks
and me and says do you have the lesson 1 pamphlet so we both look and
its not there so we were bummed cause the pictures help the
investigators understand, and about 10 minutes into the lesson elder
lee starts talking about how peter, james, and john gave joseph smith
the melchezidek preisthood and he was struggling with it cause miguel,
  the guys name was getting confused and then i had the impression to
look for the pamphlet again and i open my scripture case and it was in
plain sight right there, i dont know if i missed it or where it came
from, even elder told me that it was not there before it was so weird,
then the lesson went amazing and miguel got emotional and told us a
story about his dad that had cancer he starting crying when he told us
but here is how the story goes, so him and his family were sitting
outside the room of his father that was on his death bed and they saw
footsteps going into the room and as soon as they got to the room his
father died, and about i week later miguel prayed please let me see my
father one more time, i miss him so much, and that night he had a dream
and he saw a man in all white and then his father stepped out from
behind him and he hugged his father and he said that it felt real that
he knew he was hugging his father it was so cool, then after he told
us he was tearing up and he asked us for the Book of Mormon and we got
it out and handed it to him, then he looked at it gave it back and said
someone needs this one more than me, give me one next visit, and we
  hadn't even asked for a return visit yet. it was so cool, im not saying
he is gonna be baptized or that he is the chosen one but i am gonna
say that he has a lot of potential and we were in there for and hour
and a half and he said only 10 minutes it was so cool.

Well today is pday and we are going fishing so i need to hurry but i
miss you all and cant wait for next week, also i hit my 2 months this
week, ah time flies, its really gonna fly when i can speak fluently
though but its way cool here and tomorrow is supposed to be 103 degrees
so yummy haha
Elder Pitcher
Nathans house!

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