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Sunday, January 10, 2016

ive been here a whole week now Jan 7, 2016

well i don't have much time this week but its tough, I cant understand anybody, our neighbors that are 4 and 2 sit outside our window and call us Mormons for like 10 minutes every day hah its funny they love us, but i like it here and its different but I'm in the big city also we had a baptism on Sunday her name is Antoneita she loves to talk and we called her one night and she started talking about something weird idk what but my comp put the phone down and she talked for 11 minutes straight haha he said goodbye 10 times and she kept talking but shes really nice we just know not to call her at night and our visits with here are like 2 hours I get so tired in them but yah we also met some snakes this week which are like cougars in American terms  haha older women after younger men they listened to our message but were really touchy, it was a mom and daughter, the daughter was 18 but they did the Argentinian kiss on the cheek thing to us after we told them not to and they weren't wearing the most appropriate clothing so we turned them over the sister missionaries to see if they were really interested haha love and miss you and pray for me to get the gift of tongues haha

Our water is fixed now cause I didn't tell you last week but our water was contaminated and there were things swimming in it so we lived with some other elders for a couple days until it got fixed but our house is a dump, no one ever cleaned it or took care of it so everything is broken, dirty, and worthless, so it sucks, also we aren't allowed to eat at members or other peoples house cause people kept getting food poisoning so we make all our food.

Elder Pitcher

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