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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jan 14, 2016

(from Mom    No letter just random messages as I was online talking a little bit to him.)

At about 5 15 i remember i was on a split and with i poor poor poor family and the dogs had mange and hardly any hair thats really all i went through at that time, but im doing alot better now and i havent had any weird food yet but i did try cactus fruit it was prtty good but there isnt much fruit its maily just seeds

well they live in a shack and they sell like chips from it and they have to walk all the way on the other side of town and sometimes they dont have enough money for it but yah thats all i gott out of it from what the zone leaders told me cause we were on splits
  ot this week there wasnt a whole lot to report but thank you for the photo album i look at it everyday
but yah im doing better for once wich is good and i had a conversation with a guy last night he said he lived in miami until he got deported haha but he was cool we are gonna stop by sometime
 so splits are cool cause everyone teaches differently
 Well we arent aloud to go to the beach in the summer months cause of girls in bikinis haha but we can in the winter months but doves are like tweety birds here they are every where and im going fishing here in the next couple days so thats good but i miss you guys alot and send pics as much as possible and if you go snowmobiling send pics doing lots better this week
 i had to mud a house the other day i forgot to tell you and also the pigeons here are as big as ruffed grouse they are big
 we cant give out our address but our ward is pompeya and thats our area its safe and nice

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