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Monday, March 7, 2016

My Week March 4, 2016

well this week was a crazy week me and my comp were at our house and it was like 10 at night then a man popped his head into the bars on are windows and was screaming at us to give him a spoon haha he was like i got robbed give me a spoon to stir my dads soup and every time we tried to talk he he was just yell more then we said we cant give it to you, its not ours haha then he took off haha it was so funny we were like we will give you some food but he wanted a spoon haha, but yah that was it for that night, i went to bahia blanca mondaay night and tuesday all by myself for visa stuff and its like 8 hours away but yah im a bus all by myself (not with other missionaries) and the kid next to me turns to me opens a bag of cheetos and gives me some and then we talked for a while he does gymnastics and likes justin beiber haha he was a pretty cool kid he asked me if i liked mar del plata i said yah he was like lots of pretty girls huh hahha i didnt know how to answer it so i just said yah they are pretty haha but that was about it that night on the bus i only slept for 3 hours or so and we left at 1030 at night and i got there at 6 in the morning got in a taxi went to the missionaries house in bahia blanca waited for 20 minutes for them to get up then they put me in another taxi and told me the missionaries will be there when you get there but they sent me to the wrong address haha so i got out and waited for 20 minutes but they sent me to presidents house and the house number was the same as the building number as the place i needed to go but different streets across town haha so the missionaries called me and asked me where i was and i said presidents and they asked me why i was there i said thats where they sent me haha and then i called a taxi and finally made it to the place and remember im by myself the whole time so i have no idea what im doing haha. anyways yah got the visa stuff takin care of then we all met and ate at mcdonalds haha that place sucks they dont have the dollar menu items pretty much just the big mac and its alright but tiny and expensive haha i was so tired as well, anyway thats about it i got to the bus station and bought a bag of cookies for the road got on a double decker bus and headed back to mar del plata at 5 and there was nobody on the bus so i went up top and sat in the front seats because they have huge windows and saw the open road it was so good to see other places we stopped in a town called dorrego and its a farming small town i want to go there so bad it was clean and no graffiti everywhere. haha yah i hope i go there sometime. also i got back to mar del plata at 12 and went down a street the missionaries call babilon and it is trashy and  i saw so many hookers haha one of them was naked but facing the other way everywhere i looked i saw one but yah it was weird and i hear most of them are men changed to women so thats grody, but yah thats mar del palta for you haha it was a good time in bahia though because its clean anyways thats it for this week
Elder Pitcher

Questions I asked him and his answers
What have you been eating?  
we just eat the milenasa alot its chicken with egg and bread crumbs and you just cook it in oil and we found bbq sauce so we just have thst alot because its cheap and easy and good and then we eat an argentine salad that is rice mayo and corn and salt and pepper its pretty good as well 

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