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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Doin Good 4/21/16

well another good week for me sorry but my email is gonna be short this week but anyways pday last week was way fun we played volleyball and soccer in the rain and its real rain here like it comes down crazy hard and we were soaked from head to toe it was so fun.
 Also this week someone gave us peanut butter im am beyond happy
for our lunch.
anyways this past week we went to a less actives house and he is very spiritual he stopped going because his wife was pregnant and having problems but he said he will start going again but he bought like 20 facturas which are like pastries like danish s' or something like that but they are amazing and i ate like 6 man i was stuffed then we went to another persons house that was baptized a month ago and they bought more facturas i only ate one this time haha but wow it was good and also we ate with a member yesterday and we helped cook the food and it was amazing food aww man i loved it, im struggling with our area because it is really cheto (classy) like every doorbell is a phone and they just say no every-time but i feel like i could walk down the street with $100's in my hands and not get robbed so thats how classy this area is and we live in the most dangerous part of our area and its not even dangerous like we arent even scared of our area but yah my comp is sick i freaking love him he is chill and a hard worker and we played baseball in the house last night with an umbrella it was fun haha but yah i love it here and im having a great time here love you all!
Elder Pitcher

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