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Thursday, April 28, 2016

cold week 4/28/2016

well its getting cold here and i like it when its cold but nobody opens there doors to us but oh well we are teaching so thats good ha we were at someones house and their neighbor was yelling and we were outside and the people we were talking to were making fun of the lady that was yelling because they are friends but the neighbor looks at us and then says look and the faggot in there so we look and their dog did something but it was so funny haha also one night we were walking in the street and some guy runs across the street and he is like 6 foot 5 and holds his arms out and grabs both of us i was like goodbye watch then he say gimme a hug so we hug him and then he says thank you thats all i needed then walks off haha my heart was pounding but it was funny and also this weekwe had a lesson with this one guy that is solid and starting reading the book of Mormon from the start without us telling him to, anyways we were on our way and my comp asked what day is it and i said Wednesday he then said ooo there is a game on tonight and when we got to the house we could tell the tv was on then we rang the doorbell and and it took a while but his wife came to the door and the tv was off she then said he is with his friend tonight and he said come on friday night haha we passed by latrer and saw the tv on hhaa stingy bugger, no im not sure if he was with his friend or watching the game in his house but it was funny and he loves his soccer anyways thats it for me this week   Elder Pitcher
His new shoes!

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