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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Another week in Argentina April 7, 2016

Well not a whole lot to say this week besides we just contacted our hearts out this week and only a few said to come back but conference was amazing i watched the first session in spanish and couldn't really understand because the satellite transmission was scratchy but yah the rest i watched in english and it was amazing to be able to watch and listen in english but yah i really like the idea of family council on sundays i think its a great thing to strengthen families and everything because they are under attack right now and the main focus in the church is eternal families and satan wants to destroy families but yah anyways my Spanish is getting alot better now with a latina comp and i can understand him good and we get along great and joke around alot and its fun we are just struggling to find people to teach right now because nobody wants to listen they are all so lazy and all of them say im catholic, i just look at them and think you havent been to church since you were baptized as a baby, i mean some go but you can tell the ones that dont haha read moroni 8 and it just attacks the baptizing babies thing haha
anyways i love when people lie to us about where they live lik last transfer we asked this kid where he lived and he was like on the corner of french and beruti which are 4 blocks apart and both east and west running streets, then we said thats not a place is there another adderess and he say yah the corner of jara and some other street and we were like k this is legit so we asked what house number and he said 5600 and we were like alright thats 6 blacks away from the corner so we left haha but it was so funny and an amazing scripture for the week is 
1 nephi 16:15
pday is on friday next week then back to normal after that
Elder Pitcher

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