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Friday, April 15, 2016

doin good 4/15/16

anyways not to much news for the week we are struggling to find people to teach i dont know if they are lazy or what but i want to teach some people but yah we keep working hard and its getting colder here as well so we have been putting on coats or long sleeves every once in a while.
aslo this week we had 2 elders stay with us and one was like a 5 year old and at like 6 in the morning blasted my music ha we all yelled at him but he would blow his nose in our towels aww im glad they are gone now because they trashed our house so much but yah anyways how is everyone i want emails haha
also my spanish is getting better as well i can speak it better everyday, anyways this week we just contacted like all week and yesterday we had interviews witjh president and he is from chile and moved to tremonton when he was 15 so we talked about tremonton for a bit he said he loves that place haha anyways i dont have to much to say love you all and miss you all send pics and emails please!!!!!!!!
Elder Pitcher

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