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Monday, August 22, 2016

Another week in Bolivar Aug 22, 2016

Well this week was a colder one so that was rough i was getting used to the warmth, anyways this week was awesome, we had a lesson with our investigator family, anyways we were teaching and i couldn't speak for nothing, all my Spanish left my head so i put my head down and starting thinking and my comp
starting teaching again so i said a little prayer that my Spanish would come back, then i started teaching about baptism and i said every word i wanted to say my tongue was loosed it was awesome, then at the end of the lesson the dad said i love when you guys are here there is such a peace when you guys are here and our family is calm and look at my wife she is sitting here and participating and the first day you guys came she said she was leaving, it was awesome because she listens to us and loves us, anyways the spirit was super strong and i love this family.
Then we have Jesus Lopez i could honestly hang out with him all day he is such a gomer but hilarious and when animals come to his house he keeps them and gives them American names like Jo and Russell hahha i love that guy.
Also this week Saturday night we got a call from the branch president that we had to speak in church the next day and i was freaking out because it will be my first talk in Spanish so i wrote for an hour and a half and i was worried people wouldn't like it or understand me, then after sacrament a recent convert as of 1 and half years ago that is super active and loves the church with her whole heart came up to me and said i loved your talk did you write it out? i said yes and she said make a copy of it and i want it i loved it so much so that made me super happy that she liked it. anyways thats all i have for this week. love you all!
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