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Monday, August 29, 2016

Bolivar Aug 29, 2016

Well another good week it was cold some days and hot the others, anyways this week we went to olavarria for interviews with president and it was good also the rule changed that we can eat with members starting in october so im excited about that but i kinda liked cooking and learning how to cook it was fun, this week was kinda slow because we lost 2 days because of travel and being olavarria, but the the other day we contacted a dude that had a capybara and a heron and ostriches it was sick so hopefully he will let us teach him, this week we have had no money because its the end of the month and we eat of 25 pesos a day which is a $1.50 US so we have eating rice and tomato sauce haha but we are doing alright with that, its helping us not waste money on treats and stuff like that, we have been struggling to get our investigators to church so thats a hair depressing when you know it will bless them but they wont come, we call them Saturday night and sunday morning and they answer in the night and say they are coming but then Sunday they dont answer the phone so its tough but in time they will come hopefully we will work harder at getting them there, also i finally am legal in Argentina it was like 5 months i was illegal here haha, and i have the zone leaders hat on and i look like a gangster from the 20s haha , but all is good here, we are doing all we can right now, but there is always room for improvement
Elder Pitcher


Wrestling and fell in the drying rack!

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