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Monday, August 15, 2016


Well every one this week was good and super warm we went to Olavarria on Tuesday and had a meeting with the zone it was good, today was a holiday and we walked the city looking for a place to write the families and we finally found one haha, anyways today we are gonna cook and asado for my birthday and just party haha, but we put a kid on date this week for baptism but he didnt come to church he slept in, he told us its weird getting into these habits of Reading and praying all the time, so we told him not to worry and he will get it.
 also this we we had 50 people in our tiny church house it was awesome to see that many people. this week i was helping a member take stuff into the church and i put my scripture case on top off the car to help her take stuff in, and when i came back out the car was gone, so i was freaking out, but i came back 2 hours later and they had them, i had a lot of stuff marked in my bible that i didnt want to have to re mark and find haha, anyways im starting to understand people a lot better now and i am forgetting English haha.
we had a lesson with this guy and his wife and she whipped out her boob and started breast feeding and then someone went into there store thats on the side of the house and he left so we were just sitting there and she is talking to us, as soon as he got back we prayed and left because it was awkward, not for my comp because he is latino and its normal for him, but i was just staring at the ceiling or the walls haha.
In church this week a guy gave a talk and it was awesome he said "do i go to church, or do i participate in the church" it was a good saying, it made me think about before the mission and if i participated or just went, but its a good question to think about. Anyways i love you all and i love the work, AUGUANTE USA in the Olympics
Elder Pitcher

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