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Monday, August 8, 2016

I love Bolivar! Aug 8, 16

Well i got my new comp elder elder calixto he is from lima peru, and we are working hard and everyday is full, i hate it when theirs time when nothing is planned like when lessons fall through, so we just contact to find more people, yesterday was super weird it sounded like world war 3 outside and it sounded like gunshots but i know it was gunshots so we went outside and there was like 150 motorcycles and dirt-bikes and bullet bikes, just straight holding the throttle wide open so they would back fire haha and then at night in the park there was like 50 cars with the trunks open with huge speakers and cranking reggatone (its like rap) haha it was so weird, anyways this week was good and full, we had a ton of lessons this week so that was good, ive kinda forgotten what happened this week, on Saturday EVERYTHING fell through it sucked i was so tired at the end of the day we contacted so much and found a couple good ones, anyways the church is true and i know, i felt gods love lot this week and i love him dearly, pray for my Spanish im getting there its just some days i struggle but i love it here i love bolivar so much it awesome, anyways love you all and god speed

The cannon is from the U.S. navy haha
Elder Pitcher

Video for Mikes birthday!!!!

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