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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dec 8, 2015 So like Nathan.....a man of few words. (writing)

Yah send the phone but some times flights get changed around a lot and I won't be able to know until that week so maybe have the phone valid for a week or so but most kids are getting track phones as well, my testimony has grown a lot since I've been here and I pray for you guys all the time, but get on my Instagram page and screenshot my snowmobiling pics to me I want to show my friends all of them, I'm not sending a big email this week because nothing happened we got new people on Wednesday and we taught an investigator in all Spanish and he asked us to pray that Jesus isn't the savior haha it's weird talking in Spanish, we have a lot of investigators that we have taught haha but send me that iPod and I'm loving it here
Elder Pitcher

His companion....go the wrong clothes in the laundry but put them on anyway!

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