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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Last week at the MTC 12/22/2015

Well sorry I haven't emailed in a while it's just there hasn't been a
whole lot that's gone on and usually I forget what I do in the week
but, we taught victor again in TRC, TRC is a investigator training
thing and they are real investigators or members, really just
  volunteers and we have to teach them every week, 2 Times a week and we
have to do it in Spanish.  I don't know very much, enough that I can
understand what he is saying but he is a tough cookie to crack, one
day he asked me and elder Knuth the pray and ask if Jesus wasn't the
savior because he doesn't believe that he was the savior which is dumb
because he wears a big gold cross haha but then another lesson he
asked why does Jesus atone for big sins that people commit like
hilter, and what's gonna happen to hilter but really it's what hilter
decides in heaven and of course he is gonna have to repent but Victor
doesn't know why Jesus would do that, and also victor thinks that kids
in Germany that drink beer at 12 that Jesus is furious with them but
those kids don't know better because beer is like water over there
haha, but victor is a grande boy ha he is big and he was goin to Vegas
and my comp is from Vegas he just kept asking him what buffet is the
best I've never seen him so happy, the gospel should be doing that for
him haha all we do is bare testimony to him and he will just ask why
it's because he studies religion and philosophy so he wants deep
doctrine and we don't know enough Spanish haha we later found out he
was a member and was just a tough one haha

Well I have been out a month now it's crazy and we leave next week and
I and pumped, we fly out to Georgia at 2 in the afternoon and fly out
on the red eye to Argentina to Buenos Aires at 9 from Georgia and get
there at nine in the morning the next day then we need to get on a bus
for Bahia Blanca I'm guessing it's gonna be 5 or 6 hours on the bus so
I have like a 24 hour trip ahead of me so yummy haha, but it's
supposed to be around 85 degrees when I get there, I wish it was like
70 but no it's gonna be hot. I was looking at the ward boundaries in
my mission and one of the boundaries is about 250 square miles for the
one ward haha but I figured out that Bahia Blanca means white bay not
white sands or White Sea like some people told me haha, I'm getting
sick of the food here I just eat soup most of the time but it's gross
to me now so I get cereal quite a bit lately but who knows how long I
can take that, every Sunday we get BYU creamery ice cream and it's
good but I try to stay away from it or just one bowl so pretty much I
try to stay away but always have one bowl haha we have devotionals
every Sunday and Tuesday they are always really cool, this week we are
having one on Tuesday Thursday and Friday and Sunday but Thursday and
Friday we are having a general authority so I'm pumped but don't know
who it will be. I had to give a talk in church this week in Spanish
but they are easy because you just copy out of preach my gospel in
Spanish haha but yah one more week here and then we are hitting the
streets in Argentina I'm the only guy in our district going to my
mission the rest are goin to buenos Aires east mission so they all get
to see each other ha but they are all way chill guys and I'm gonna
miss them a lot but we have formed a brotherhood I told them to come
rip the sleds around when we get back haha

Also last night I read my patriarchal blessing for like the first time
ever like a have before but I've never really read it and I found so
much cool stuff and found out some really weird stuff as well but it
said I will be able to get through hard trials as well but it was so
cool we all stayed up for a while reading our patriarchal blessings
and sharing testimonies for a while it was so cool also we got subway
yesterday and for the first time I was satisfied with a meal it was so
nice I was so happy cause it was turkey and that's my favorite but yah
it was so nice to have an actual meal but the temple is closed today
so I probably won't be able to for 2 years so I'm kinda sad cause the
temple is so good I love it there it's honestly the best!

Well miss you all it really doesn't feel like Christmas here because
they try and make it so we don't get home sick but I'm excited for
Christmas and I get to call home for a half hour so I'm gonna stick
with the family but miss you all and love all of you and "keep God on
your side and the throttle open wide"- Austin svenson the Canadian
from my floor haha

Elder Pitcher

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