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Sunday, December 6, 2015

THE MISSION Dec 1, 2015

Hola como esta mi amigos that is like 90% of my Spanish so far haha i hate typing sorry so this wont be to long, but the first day we got here we went to class and they only speak in Spanish so its pretty tough ha, the food here is really good for the first couple days then you despise it cause its so fattening haha, but i do love it here, i can bare my testimony and pray in Spanish but i cant carry any conversations haha im so tired here its pday and i took my fisrt nap it was so great and i had the weirdest dream i was on a boat and a tsunami came and yah really weird, THanksgiving wasnt very cool cause i wasnt with family but i spent it with the new family so that was cool, Dallin H Oaks talked to us and talked about thanksgiving and how our countries leaders are corrupted haha but the talks they give in the mtc arnet for the general public like they dont release the videos they are strictly for missionaries.
the mornings suck not because its early but our showers hot water is iffy i have only had 3 hots showers the whole time i ve been here and the rest are freezing you shiver the whole time your showering its terrible i dont like showering in the moring but at nights im to tired so i just stick with it in the morning.
 i get really tired here also class is 12 hours a day so pretty much all day we have an hour of free time before bed and dinner is at 430 so i starve around 8 haha

Thanksgiving dinner

Elder Knuth and Elder Pitcher

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