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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Well I finally made it to Argentina! 12/31/2015

Well I'm in Argentina

I finally got to my house this morning (thursday)we left on Monday at 830 am got on a plane for Atlanta, then we got there around 8 pm but most of our day was spent in SLC , we got on a red eye flight from there to buenos aires and got there at 9 the next day, then we took a bus for 20 minutes to another airport to bahia blanca. It flew out at 5 so we sat in that airport for 6 hours and got to bahia blanca at 6 and had dinner at the presidents house then all six of us slept in a little shack, all of us are new and the only other English speaker was fluent in Spanish so i sat in the corner while they all chatted and i was so tired cause i only got 2 hours of sleep, so we woke up the next day and went to the mission home and got our companions, mine speaks english thank goodness but hes cool and works hard. his name is elder kleinman hes from paso robles california and i dont know a whole lot about him cause he speaks Spanish to me all the time, but it will help me alot.  we got assigned our zone and its in mar del plata which was 8 hours away and our bus didnt leave until 1130 that night so we went out an did street contacting for a while and we got a couple return visits and we talked to an inactive that was offended 30 years ago, he was really nice, so we went back to the church which is the mission home and some 15 year old kid walked in out of curiosity an elder kleinman committed him to baptism and set a date he is really good at talking to people and works really hard, i mean why would some young kid walk into a random building and take a lesson but that was in bahia blanca! so other missionaries will work with him now, so we finally got on our bus that night and got here this morning at 6 i slept for 3 hours luckily its pday,

 our house is super ghetto haha you have to turn the water on and fill the back of the toilet to flush it and there is no hot water in our apartment so yummy haha and its super small, oh and there are dogs everywhere but they are nice they just do there own thing, but as soon as i got off the plane in bahia blanca which the airport is the size of a large house with one terminal and one baggage claim there were 3 dogs walking outside and they walk inside nice places and people dont care at all haha, but yah we left on Monday and got her on Thursday an I'm in mar del plata the biggest city in the mission and its really green and its a coastal town i believe, my comp has been in this area before and said that the people are really nice and that its pretty safe as well, he said the bad places are the outskirts of towns where the weirdos go but we dont go there, but its pretty cool here and i like it alot and i miss you all alot and cant wait to learn the language cause i have no idea whats going on half the time, it doesn't make much sense of what to do around here haha its almost 3rd world but then its not, the houses are like tiny 1 room shacks and made of cinder block looking bricks and mud but then they have smartphones haha its weird but everyone is nice an there are so many doves and parrots around here and they said they have emu (American ostrich) so hopefully i can see one, but the culture is very different here, they look American but speak Spanish, its weird thats about all i can think of right now so see ya next week!
Elder Pitcher 
Shack we slept in the first night

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