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Friday, March 18, 2016

¡¡¡¡¡¡Bautizar!!!!!!! 3/17/16

Anyways this was a good week, we baptized Lucia and her mom and they were so happy and excited haha but aww the gospel is amazing and I am  super happy for them haha we have been teaching them for 11 weeks and we never forced baptism on them we let them bring it out because they had a bad experience with baptism a while back so we went slow while teaching it, anyways the baptism was great and i forgot to say amen so i had to baptize her again haha everyone gave me a hard time after  because i remembered all the hard parts and forgot amen haha but im super excited to have been apart of that and i want to continue to find people to teach, but yah im just happy right now and thats all i have to say, ph and also the jumper lucia wore for the baptism was to small she hid behind people and then they pushed her into the open and took pictures and she was just laughing haha and people took pictures all in joking and then she was fine with how it fit it was pretty much just floods on her but it was a good day and they are happy so im happy anyways love you all!

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