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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Week March 10, 2016

Well my friends had a good week and we finally got some investigators on date for baptism we have been teaching them for the whole time we have been here and everyone tells us they would of dropped them a long time ago but they were progressing slowly any ways long story short the daughter was baptized a year ago but wasn't confirmed because she didn't want to but now she is so prepared for baptism she read 52 chapters in a week all of 1 and 2 nephi in ONE week haha and she goes to seminary now and she want to go to the temple and im so excited for them they have gone to church 7 weeks in a row well the mom has and the daughter 5 weeks in a row and all 3 hours so they are excited and the daughter asked if she could be baptized twice we said yes for sure you can haha but im really excited for them because they know the ward really well they were just slow at this whole thing because we think she didnt get confirmed because she was overwelmed so we went slow and waited to invite her to be baptized and she said no the first 2 times we invited her haha but the last time we pretty much brought up baptism and she went for it haha,
Also we did divisions this week i was with elder condori he is from peru and it was fun i could understand everything he was saying so that made me happy we also met an anti Christ haha he just opens the door when we knock and he was eating cereal and just looks at us and says im an anti Christ and then keeps looking at us then says have a nice day haha it was funny because most of the time they are mean haha 
Also this week we did service for a recent convert and we did her lawn and pulled weeds then she gave us $100 pesos each and said its for god and we were like we aren't gods and tried to give it back then she started crying like sobbing like she just lost a family member and she gets loud and high pitched so we cant understand here and then she was talking about her injury in 2003 and how she cant touch the middle of her back with her one arm anymore or something like that but yah she told not to give the money to anyone else so we were like we cant take this and she just would cry then she settled down and we told her we were giving it to the bishop for fast offering and she was ok after that but yah weird week but its a good week anyways love you all
Elder Pitcher

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