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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Semana Santa (Easter) 3-24-16

Well folks how is everyone, things are going great down here in Argentina, Obama is here right now not sure what he is doin all i know is that he is here, anyways not a whole lot this week, Lucia made the comment about serving a mission so im way excited for that and hopefully she has that goal set in her head haha, also we met this guy this week he doesn't want anything but he lived in California for 20 years so he speaks good English haha anyways we talked to him and he asked me if i liked it here and i said yah and then he said cut the bull $*** haha this place freaking sucks there is dogs everywhere and dog $*** i mean the at the sidewalks its a freaking carnival haha he just kept swearing haha its been so long since ive heard a swearword in English that i was like what are these words you speak of haha but all in all he told us he loved America and its the greatest country ever [?] haha but yah it was a good week and i would like to thank my mom for always having food in the pantry because now i know the meaning of there is nothing to eat, it has come down to some nights we have nothing so i ate some stale bread with BBQ sauce on it haha, im also thankful that they have BBQ sauce here haha but i don't  really know what else to say right now but the church is true and the book of Mormon is true and if you don't know it then ask God and you will receive and answer but yah love you all
Elder Pitcher

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