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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Argentina 3/31/16

Well im still in my area but they split the area in half all of our solids were on the other side we had one lady ready for baptism but the hermanas have her now it will be good for the hermanas to get a baptism and more people in the ward but yah i love it here but our new side of the area is really cheto (classy) and rich rich people so they are happy with money and thats it, we contacted pretty much all day and not a soul listened to us, but good news for mom im in the one of the safest areas in the mission so need not worry mother im safe and well, anyways my new comp is from missiones argentina and he is pretty sweet we get along and talk alot and i can understand him really well and im excited that i can communicate with people now it makes me really happy that everything is working out but the 2 people we baptized are chosen they are AMAZING they always ask us when we are coming back and now they just say see you tomorrow and we teach them but they understand things now, also last week i said goodbye to my trainer he died in the mission (that means he finished the mission) dont worry he is alive and well but yah it was a tough goodbye but he taught me alot and im thankful for it but yah im not sure what to say this week i always forget what to say haha but love you all the book of Mormon is true and if you dont believe me then ask god and if you believe me still ask god so you can know for yourself:)
Elder Pitcher

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