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Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Week May 5,2016

well its freaking cold here haha and always cloudy but when we walk we get warmer so thats good but anyways im doing great here. we don't have a lot to say this week but now our pdays are on Mondays so that should be different and transfers are coming up anyways our investigator nolberto is solid and one night we had a lesson with him but couldnt make it so we called the sisters to see if they could stop by and tell him sorry and tomorrow and later the sisters called and said that his wife screamed at them and not to come back and quit annoying us so we were really confused because his wife is really nice and the hermanas said that he had a arrow on his house for the address so we were like oh no i think thats his house but anyways we went by in the morning and nobody answered so we came back 2 hours later and his wife answered all happy and said yah hes arround the corner so we talked to him and he said did you stop by in the morning and we said yah he then said yah i was showering so i couldn't come and we apologized that we couldnt come he was really happy and nice so later we talked to the sister missionaries and they went to the wrong house hahaha, it was a house we contacted a month ago and they screamed at us as well haha but yah all is good with our investigator so im happy and we have a baptismal date set for him anyways thats all for me this week
Elder Pitcher

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