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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MDP May 16, 2016

what up everyone, well i cant remember what happened this week hahha we are still doing great with our investigator, and we still haven't seen sunlight in like 3 weeks now i hate it its just grey skies all the time hahha.
Ok so yesterday i got to talk to my family because transfers were on mothers day so we waited for this week anyways it was super good and my dog gave birth while we were talking so that was crazy but it was super good to see them but im happy here now i was really missing my family but after i talked to them i felt great 
also an investigator of the sister missionaries kissed my cheeck she is like 50 and really quit and she shook my hand then jumped and kissed my cheeck haha i was like heyyyy no and the member next to me was laughing so hard he was like sinner oh you sinner hhaa

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