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Monday, May 9, 2016

4 May 9, 2016

well i have another transfer here that makes it 4 transfers and also yah not alot happened this week we went to the beach as a zone and it was so freaking fun i walked out onto this rock strip and i wasn't paying attention and a wave came and i almost got swallowed into the ocean it was like waste high it was so scary because i almost slipped haha but i have a video of it and yah i was super fun, one of our recent converse looked at her dog the other day and said something, then she looked at me and said you probably say b*tch i was like where did you learn that word haha she just looks at her daughter then i got mad and said where did you learn that then she said another name of this kid that speaks English but it was super funny haha anyways not a whole lot this week but ya  miss and love you all
Elder Pitcher

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